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Register, Renew or Transfer generic domain like .com, .net, .biz or any commonly registered domain in lowest price starting from 1550/- PKR from IWH. We are an authorized agent and reseller of PK registry as well as the cheapest .com registrar in Pakistan.


Cheap Domain Registration Pakistan

Islamabad web hosting online service provide generic domain registration, renew and transfer service in lowest prices. Here you can get register any of top level international domain extension including .com, .net, .biz, .tv, .us, .info, .asia, .me, .eu. In case you need a Pakistani ccTld or a .PK Domain then it is our pleasure to inform you that we do book that too and in the lesser price of the market.

Well, in the age of internet trend of business has been changed, now customers prefer such dealer who display their work over the internet. For internet appearance first thing that you need is best hosting service then a perfect domain name. Without a domain name your website in nothing. Domain name is the address of your website. It’s mandatory for your business to select a domain name according to your business. Your main keyword should be part of your web address, it helps you to rank well. After selecting a domain name second thing is extension. Most generic domains extensions like .com, .biz, .info always on the fingertip of those who explore anything over the internet. So, we are suggest our customers to select any generic domain extension listed below, and show up your work to the world. Here you can get register .com domain in just RS: 1450/- PKR.

Islamabad web hosting deal with almost all generic top level domain extension (gTLDs). Company has started their domain registration service in Pakistan since 2007. Here you can get assistance form our best and friendly support that which domain should be register for your business purposes. Connect with us via our instant message service or via email, we are available 7/24 for helping you regarding web hosting and Domain Registration in Pakistan.

COM PKR.2149 | US$.21.00 PKR.2450 | US$.24.00 PKR.2450 | US$.24.00 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
NET PKR.1850 | US$.13.50 PKR.2200 | US$.16.50 PKR.2200 | US$.16.50 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
ORG PKR.2100 | US$.16.00 PKR.2300 | US$.19.00 PKR.2300 | US$.19.00 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
BIZ PKR.1850 | US$.12.00 PKR.2400 | US$.17.00 PKR.2400 | US$.17.00 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
INFO PKR.1450 | US$.10.00 PKR.2050 | US$.13.50 PKR.2050 | US$.13.50 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
ASIA PKR.2300 | US$.23 PKR.2300 | US$.23 PKR.2300 | US$.23 2-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
EU PKR.1200 | US$.10 PKR.1900 | US$.12 PKR.1900 | US$.12 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
CO PKR.4500 | US$.40.00 PKR.5999| US$.60.00 PKR.5999 | US$.60.00 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
NAME PKR.9100 | US$.87 PKR.9100 | US$.87 PKR.9100 | US$.87 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
TV PKR.5000 | US$.50 PKR.5999 | US$.60 PKR.5999 | US$.60 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
ME PKR.1600 | US$.15 PKR.1600 | US$.15 PKR.1600 | US$.15 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
PW PKR.2900 | US$.28 PKR.2900 | US$.28 PKR.2900 | US$.28 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
MOBI PKR.1750 | US$.17 PKR.1750 | US$.17 PKR.1750 | US$.17 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days
Guru PKR.3500 | US$.35 PKR.3500 | US$.35 PKR.3500 | US$.35 1-10 yrs 15 days 40 days

Register/Renew/Transfer Any Generic domain

In this modern age, people first explore a thing which they need over the internet and then next step is to buy from a good Vander, Most generic domain like .com, .net, .biz always on fingertip for those who wanna explore anything over the internet. So why you still without your web with a perfect short link according to your business. Grab any of generic domain extension and get register form Islamabad web hosting, country’s largest and best domain registrar.


Register any of common domain that is mostly being register by majority of hosting and domain registration seekers in most competitive price in Pakistan.


You may also transfer your any of generic domain extension, we also provide domain un-look service in Pakistan, to move a domain from one panel to another.

Expiry Alert

For continue our quality services we always send expiry alert before the end date of any domain, so that you do never loss your website extension.

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